Tutoring is successful because it provides highly individualized, one on one instruction in the comfort and security of your home, free from distractions. Tutoring session may also be scheduled in the local libraries or at work


TUTEX is a group of Trained teachers and student teachers from renown schools with a mission of promoting Students' Academic Excellence


Student Needs

Teacher and Methods used are based on the student's need

Effective Follow up

We carry out Effective follow up of students at home and online

Provide Materials

We assist in the provision of books, school utensils and facilitating learning equipment

Be in Demand with Our Professional Training

Dedication and commitment with every lessons by highly skilled professionals

Mr Abraham — Coordinator

We help and assist you in perfecting your skills in various subjects and dscipline

We equally guide you after each lecture to make greater use of the material covered and what you can do in future. We are your best friend and your helper

You have every right to decide how you want your classes to take place. We offer home tutoring as well as online tutoring through social media and other platforms with live lectures

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=> Madagascar, Yaounde (Headquarter)

=> Bonaberi, Douala

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Phone : ++237 672868836

Email : admin@tutexacademy.com

Our Hours

MON-FRI 09:00 – 19:00

SAT-SUN 10:00 – 14:00

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National and International Exams

We prepare you for both national and international exams

Special Tutoring

We offer special and dedicated tutoring for both Ordinary and Advanced level students(Arts or Science)

Home Teaching

Our Team offer home teaching from form one to upper sixth in science or arts.

Group Revision Classes

Our team organises group revision classes for our students






We train and nurture your understanding of mathematical concepts.


Understanding Biology becomes so easy when we tutor you


Tough concepts in physics are broken down for the best of your understanding.


Training in both Organic and Physical chemistry.


Geographical concepts are expantiated to the fullest.


We widen your ICT and computer science knowhow


What Our Students Have to Say

Studied a short-term summer general English course
I came to TUTEX Academy because I wanted to structure my grammar, so as to be more fluent and confident with my spoken English and stronger vocabulary background. It was so nice to meet many people from different background and cultures and I loved how the staff and teachers helped me to constantly improve.
Student in Douala
Studied a long-term preparatory course for the competitive entrance into Engineering schools.
The atmosphere there is wonderful. I have studied there for nine whole months, therefore I can tell that it was one of the best places I have ever studied in. I have improved drastically over that period, especially in my mathematical Reasoning. They taught me how to improve in many things, including my style of writing and the methods of reading such as scanning. I ended up passing the National School of Engineering and that of Architecture. Thank you TUTEX🙏🏿
Manyi Nora
Somewhere in Yaounde
Admitted into the national School of Architecture
TUTEX Academy has been very helpful for me. My teacher is very professional and nice and all of the staff at school have been very hospitable. I hope that all my friends that want to pass their exam and follow educative courses will study here and I will recommend TUTEX Academy to them. I'm grateful for what you made me become.
Somewhere in Douala
I Studied a long-term general preparatory course for engineering Schools.
I came to the university to study physics and started a long term preps program at TUTEX Academy. My preparatory level for competitive entrance exams was low and I lacked confidence in Concours. I worked very hard with my mentor at TUTEX and after 6 months I made a lot of progress and was among the top of my class. I latter became the first in Cameroon🇨🇲 for the International exams into the the National School of Engineering and Public Works in 2020 Thank you TUTEX
Eva Maguem
Somewhere in Yaounde